Progression from Infection to Pulmonary Tuberculosis Follows Distinct Timeline
Researchers from SATVI in our Division have uncovered a sequence of biological processes that occur as M. tuberculosis infection progresses to symptomatic disease, according to new research published in the PLOS Pathogens Journal.
DNA minor groove binders as potential antitubercular drugs
In a report recently published in the Journal of Antimicrobial Therapy, Division of Immunology researchers including Lerato Hlaka, Michael-Jon Rosslee, and Reto Guler describe new potential antitubercular drugs that bind to the minor groove of DNA.
Congratulations to Dr. Mohlopheni Marakalala
Congratulations to our own Dr. Mohlopheni Marakalala, who has been awarded a Wellcome Trust Intermediate Fellowship in Public Health and Tropical Medicine!
Colon Goblet cells Hoving
IL-13 is able to drive colitis in the absence of IL-4Rα
Recent work by Claire Hoving and Frank Brombacher published in GUT, highlights that IL-13 is able to drive colitis in the absence of IL-4Rα. This raises hope for anti-IL-13 treatment for ulcerative colitis patients.
SP-D induces macrophage-associated killing of Helminths
Surfactant Protein D spurs on the immune response and expulsion of lung helminths
Recent work by Sumaiyya Thawer and colleagues in A/Prof William Horsnell's laboratory demonstrates that SP-D is critical for immunity to the lung helminth, Nippostrongylus brasiliensis.

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